Amy Thornhill

Actor. Singer. Writer.


I am a Dallas-based actor and singer, represented by Callidus Agency. I am also a writer and designer. My earliest childhood memories are in a theater, on a stage under the warm glow of the lights. Or in a choral rehearsal or at a ballet barre. Art, in all its forms, has always been at the center of my world.


For the last several years my focus as an actor has been turned toward on-camera work. There is something very magical in the buzzing energy of a film set. 

I am also one of the founders of Lily & Joan Theatre Co, a female-focused independent theatre company. My role in our company is as the Director of Design; I design and build the sets for our shows and events, among many other collaborative tasks that producing theatre requires. At Lily & Joan we seek to create more platforms for Womxn in the Dallas theatre community. Our mission embodies my passion as an artist, as well as a member of the Dallas artistic community.




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Callidus Agency Dallas
7610 N Stemmons Fwy
Suite 420
Dallas, TX 75247
Tel: 214.432.6122
Fax: 214.920.4950

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